• Question: what are you skills

    Asked by 327smaj22 to Alessandra, Dimitrios, Niamh, Becky, Stacey on 21 Jun 2017.
    • Photo: Stacey Marple

      Stacey Marple answered on 21 Jun 2017:

      The skills I think are important for engineers are problem solving, creative mind, being able to interpret evidence, team work and communication skills.

    • Photo: Niamh Ryall

      Niamh Ryall answered on 21 Jun 2017:

      I like to think creative thinking and problem solving are important for what I do. I’ve learnt how to read and analyse complicated documents but that’s taken me ages.

    • Photo: Alessandra Treviso

      Alessandra Treviso answered on 23 Jun 2017:

      I think I’m curious, I alwasy want to understand why and rarely accept an answer without doing some research by myself (I know, it can be tiring). I am also very precise and try to do everything following the rules and without cutting corners. It is important in a technical job because you need your steps to be traceable and repeatable so that someone else could retry what you’ve done and hopefully get the same results. I like to think that because I like also other things than engineering, like art, films, music, books, travelling, I can bring a unique experience to problem solving and use lateral and fast thinking.