Thank you from your winner – Stacey!

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I am amazed and honoured that you have voted me to be the winner of I’m an Engineer – Smart Materials zone! I even did a victory dance when I found out.

Thank you all so much for taking part and making it a great event. Similarly thanks go to the other engineers, who have taken part and contributed so much: Niamh, Alessandra, Becky, Dimitrios and Tony. Without them the myriad of clever, witty and challenging questions would not have been answered so expertly.

I have been continually impressed over the past 2 weeks by the enthusiasm of the students to engage with the engineers and really be involved in the event. I loved the manic, finger cramping chats and being challenged by students questions, although I still don’t believe in wormholes!

Through this event I have learnt how to explain complex engineering concepts in a simplified way and have learnt a few things from the students and the other engineers. I am very much looking forward to doing more STEM events with schools with the aim of actively getting students involved in practical engineering challenges.

I hope we have shown you that engineering is an accessible and rewarding career choice where creative people can contribute to society, helping to solve the big issues facing the world. Engineering is my passion and it has been wonderful to be part of an event inspiring the next generation of engineers. Thank you to the I’m an Engineer team and teachers for setting up the event and long may it prosper. Good luck in your futures and remember to work hard and follow your dreams.



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